One year before the bill and the law of creation of the AVL and just a few days after the demonstration (13th of June 1997), it was made public from different Valencian cultural entities that: "To create a linguistic organism with normative capacity would be completely undefined" (1), In addition, it would suppose to un-legitimate entities of more than eighty years of history and culture to be substituted by a new organism.

One year before the bill of the CVC, Eduardo Zaplana had already decided that he wanted to impose the creation of a new normative entity, the AVL.

The previous consultations were a pantomime for the public opinion pretending to hide the decision already taken. The politicians of the government wanted the public opinion to believe that the dialogue, the tolerance and the consensus (2) were imposed and the participation of the cultural entities was offered.

Without any reasonable, scientific or convincing ideas, as expected, a solution has been imposed without general consensus. This solution does not solve the problem of non-unity between normative, orthography, nature and identity of the Valencian language.

The change made is against the uniqueness and exclusivity of Valencianism without any concession from other points of view. It is not possible to understand the reason for this pantomime.

The normative of 1932 did not resolve the problem since the creators were the horse of Trojan (3) of the catalanism in Valencia, now this law will not resolve the problem but it will suppose a new step of the calalanist and their "paisos catalans" (Catalan countries). In Catalunya, politicians are working to change the chapter 145 of the Spanish Constitution, which forbids the federation between autonomies, as published (4): "Durán i Lleida proposed the federation of Valencia, Catalunya and Baleares and suggested the creation of a unique and common Cultural ¨Institution¨.

As Joan Costa anticipated in 1996 (5), the shadows of the Catalan and the Catalan institutions have not been far away from the deliberations of the linguistic pact. For this reason, it is not possible to speak of a pact between Valencian people about Valencian language but it is possible to speak of a concession of the Valencian language to the Catalan one.

To Eduardo Zaplana and the PP, the creation of the AVL supposes to have an institution to blame the problems of the resolution of the linguistic conflict when any claims or contingencies arise.

The law of creation of the AVL is a proof of the double language practiced by the PP. It demonstrates that Valencian language is not an important matter to the PP, and Valencian language was used only as an electoral tool.

The PP and PSOE as the two major parties have already agreed but they have not fulfilled the law of creation of the AVL. Concretely the first, second and third transitory dispositions which obey to the election of the 21 members by the Valencian Parliament before the 30 days and posterior appointment of the President of the Parliament in the following 15 days. Therefore, the period of presentation of the internal regulations has not been fulfilled and the only thing that they allege in their defense is "laziness".

The PP is responsible of the majority of catalanist in the CVC as well as the likely majority number of catalanist in the AVL. This event supposes the initiation of a new irreversible period of assumption of the linguistic competence by the catalanist. ("PP proposes that AVL assumes all the linguistic competencies (6)").

The Valencianism also looks forward to the end of this linguistic conflict but not in this indecorous way so terminative and poisonous to the Valencian language. None may think that we are comfortable in the role that we are playing in the history.

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