For many years, the educational institutions in the hands of the Spanish government has committed abuses and attempts to the linguistic freedom by attitudes that promote the systematical hate and despise to any language other than the Castilian. It is frightened to admit what unfortunately is already happening to the education in hands of autonomic powers that do not have a clear understanding of the problem. These autonomic institutions are rendered to a catalanist fundamentalist minority, insensible to what the valencian culture is. In addition, they are generously dedicated to finance any institution; activity or program that promotes the suspension of any personalization of the language or the exercise to chose the most appropriate linguistic option with total freedom.

         We are not against the creation o recognition of an official normative organism of the valencian language, as a juridical and autonomic institution with normative functions. But we are against the incorrect procedures such as the ones that have been taken place so far and that attempt to differentiate the Valencian language from the tradition and the truth.

         It is required and necessary to initiate actions directed to mobilize the public option in favor of the Valencian language and against the proposition of the creation of the AVL, which puts in danger the genuine Valencian language. These actions will keep the spirit of the June 13th demonstration alive.

1. The valencianism is waiting for an action.

2. It is not recommended to convoke a demonstration yet due to the low motivation of the Valencian people; for this reason, it is suggested to promote a campaign to collect signatures and publish it in the media. This action will be more followed by social institutions.

3. The fact that the election of the members of the AVL is been postponed, goes against its own law of creation of the AVL. The Valencian people do not trust these measures.

4. The campaign to collect signatures has to be communicated to all of the valencianist institutions promoting meetings and conversations to serve and fulfill the interests of every entity that participate.
It is important to join all the efforts despite the differences between the different participants; we all have the same objectives.

5. The valencianism will be respected again when it expresses its ideology, interests and position, avoiding euphemisms and wrong definitions to satisfy everybody. It is legit to demand what it is right without any complexes. All the criticisms should not affect at any moment the straightness of the campaign.

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