Opening a period of time to:

The recognition of the linguistic conflict in all of its dimensions (1). It is necessary to end with the strategy that has produced a feeling of guiltiness among the collective conscientious by the radical prospective of the Valencian left wing.

It would be recommended to start from the oral ambit, being less complicated to get to an agreement than with the writing normative. Focusing on a successful popular acceptance by a standard for oral Valencian (loyal to the genuine Valencian language). This standard could be used in radio, TV, official speeches and dubbed movies (independently of orthographic normative of the written language). Unnecessary Castilianism and Catalanism should be filtered (lexis, phonetics and morpho-syntax).

In education: (2), a) equal opportunities (ending up the discrimination) for the normative of El Puig (or the RACV) making possible its use in exams, thesis, homework, etc, and ending up with the Margi nation, forget ness and the distortion image received from the different educational areas; b) This respect to others should also be given at the time for the parents to chose the appropriate linguistic choice for their kids, without any persecution or false social campaigns. The Valencian educational offer should be a pure free option that can be executed by the parents and families, for this reason, it is essential to create the appropriate didactical material that reflects the historic reality that we live in.

In the publishing arena, a) Books should be published, regardless the normative, with equal conditions. b) The editorials should be given equal opportunities to obtain subventions, donations or freedom to distribute in colleges and libraries.

In the Autonomic official ambit a) the norms from the El Puig (or from the RACV) should be taken in account when it is required to acknowledge the vernacular language: public (3) and/or privately. This supposes an acceptance and change in the directions of the General Board of Political Linguistics and in the services that provides; b) Equal recognition of the norms of El Puig when evaluating Valencian language for job positions, job requirements, state job positions, etc.; c) Official recognition of the certificates given by Lo Rat Penat (4) as it was done during the pre-autonomic (5), government between the years 1982/83, when Desamparados Cabanes Pecourt was the Council of Education. The objective is to end with the linguistic dictatorship that has been going on (6).

In the Nation official ambit, it is necessary, once and for all, that the Spanish Agency for ISBN files all the books written as valencian language and not as catalan language (7).

In the European official ambit, the valencian language should be included in the official list for minority languages.

          This proposal of recognition of the reality, of no discrimination and equal conditions will not be that different from the others that exist in Spain, such is the case of La Vall d'Aran, where l'aranes (8) coexists together with the Castilian and the Catala. This acceptance has been approved by l'Institut d'Estudis Catalans and the Generalitat de Catalunya. Why is not this happening in Valencia?.

The objective in this period of time is to achieve that the conditions asked by both sides (catalanistes and valencianistes) could be equal. Also, the political and legal entities should get together to convoke a referendum by the reform of the autonomic statute. This way, the Valencian people would be the one to make their choice with freedom and without any political imposition. The educational offer should be designed based on the requirements from the valencian people, from the demoscopical analysis to the direct questioners to families. The Autonomic Government has no excuses what so ever not to respect and follow a democratic opinion (9)".

1. It is a fact that from the official institutions such as the CVC (Conselleris d'Educacio i Cultura), universities and media, it is almost impossible to initiate a public debate on the linguistic conflict. And if ever generated is to give a distortional unilateral vision of the problem. The Valencian government and institutions are ignoring the linguistic problem that the Valencian people are living on their own.

2. It is the families, not the government, professors or the CVC who should decide the language to be used in schools.

3. Even in the jury, since the Valencians have control of the juridical competencies. This should apply to courses and documentations for the judges and the estate employees...

4. UV did it in some ocasión, ABC Valencia, 5/20/97; Levante 5/20/1997: "UV asks the PP to make official the Lo Rat Penat certifications. The PP announced that Mr. Camps from the CVC will study the proposal"

5. The law passed on July 19th 1982 which establish what professors will be qualify to teach the Valencian language, first article, section b): "Those who hold diplomas from the l'Institut de Ciencies de l'Educacio, de l'Uuniversitat de Valencia, Lo Rat Penat and el grup d'Accio Valencianista, as stated in the proposal from the Comissio Mixta de Billingüisme".

6. It is important to underline the progressive substitution of the valencian language for the catalan language specially in expressions, that attempt to the genuine valencian language. These substitutions accelerate the disappearance of our linguistic usage in benefit of artificial forms and norms that are aliens to the majority of Valencian people. It is necessary to talk about the "quintacolumnistes normalitzadors" (columnist) who have de-normalized our language by linguistic dictatorial ways. All these have been financed by our autonomic institutions, which should have had the obligation to defend the valencian linguistic patrimony.

7. Las Provincias, 8/2/1999, p. 66.

8. Las Provincias, 9/6/1997.

9. Declarations of the platform of defense for the mallorquin language Las Provincias, 03/11/1999.

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